The last game of the second day of the 2018 FIFA World Cup was clearly the best moment of the just started tournament. Matter of fact there is a high possibility that this could be the best game in the whole tournament, if not the best maybe the game with the most goals. After the first game of the tournament when Russia scored 5 goals against Saudi Arabia, not many people believed that we will see a game with more goals. Luckily we saw such one only a day after the Russian spectacle. The most anticipated game of the group stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup between Spain and Portugal absolutely fulfilled the expectations. The neighboring nations finished as a draw (3-3) in a game that will stay in the history.

Ronaldo's goal against Spain portugal vs spain

Credits – FIFA   

The game started off amazing when in the 4th minute Ronaldo won a penalty and converted it into a goal. In the first minutes of the game Spain was controlling the ball, but Portugal looked like the team that could create chances. After some decent minutes for Spain Diego Costa made the game even with a goal in the 24th minute. The goal of Costa was clearly scored after a foul done by the forwarding of Spain. Later on, when everyone was expecting that the first half of the game will finish as a draw, Ronaldo shot a long distance blaster in the 44th minute that was not stopped by David de Gea and Portugal was up front again.

Diego Costa celebrating after goal vs portugal on world cup

Credits – Diego Costa  

  The second half started without a surprise and Spain was trying to dominate and make the game even. The dominance of La Roja was converted only for 3 minutes. In the 55th minute (Diego Costa) and in the 58th  (Nacho) Spain scored two goals that gave the lead to the 2010 FIFA World Cup champions. Especially the second of those goals (the goal of Nacho) was really beautiful and scored from a volley. In the next few minutes, Spain was controlling the ball and slowing down the tempo. At the same time, Portugal looked tired and not able to answer to the challenge of the Spaniards. Few minutes before the end the amazing skills of Ronaldo once again were proven. The star of Real Madrid won a free kick close to the goal of De Gea and after a great shot, Ronaldo scored his third goal (88’) in the game. The hat-trick of Ronaldo concluded a game that could be easily labeled as amazing.