The greatest achievement for every national football team is to qualify for the World Cup. Many countries take the participation at this tournament as something that is guaranteed and they do not really appreciate the importance and the joy of the successful qualification. The big football powers do not see the participation at the World Cup as something amazing, they see it as an opportunity to achieve great things. In the same time, many other countries dream about the tournament. Many football fans have the sacred dream to see their country competing at the biggest tournament in the world, but every four years only 32 teams can be part of the World Cup. This will be valid until the 2026 World Cup when they will become 48. In every World Cup, we have big nations that miss the tournament. This time the nation that will be missed the most is Italy. For this reason, we decided to present you a list of some of the interesting teams that are going to miss the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The number of the decent teams is so huge that FIFA could have created a second World Cup and it would have been still really interesting.


Europe (UEFA) will have 14 teams at the World Cup, including the hosts Russia. Here is another set of 14 teams from Europe that were really close to qualifying for the World Cup.


Greece (lost the playoff), Republic of Ireland (lost the playoff), Northern Ireland (lost the playoff), Italy (lost the playoff), Slovakia (finished second in its group and did not qualify for the playoffs), the Netherlands (finished third in its group), the Czech Republic (finished third in its group), Wales (finished third in its group), Montenegro (finished third in its group), Scotland (finished third in its group), Bosnia & Herzegovina (finished third in its group), Ukraine (finished third in its group), Hungary (finished third in its group) and Albania (finished third in its group).


South America (CONMEBOL) will have 5 teams at the World Cup, including the team of Peru which won its inter-confederations playoff. Here is a set of 5 other teams from the continent that could have qualified for the tournament.


Chile (6), Paraguay (7), Ecuador (8), Bolivia (9) and Venezuela (10).


North America (CONCACAF) will have three teams at the World Cup, but three other nations were really close to qualifying.


Honduras (4), the USA (5) and Trinidad and Tobago (6).


Africa (CAF) will have 5 teams participating at the World Cup, even though that there are more than ten really talented squads on the continent. Here is a list of teams from Africa that has some experience at the World Cups and could have been a serious participant in Russia.


Ghana (finished third in its group), Cameroon (finished third in its group), the Ivory Coast (finished second in its group), DR Congo (finished second in its group) and Burkina Faso (finished second in its group).


Asia (AFC) will have 5 teams that will participate at the World Cup, but check out which other teams could have qualified for the biggest tournament in the world.


Syria (lost the inter-confederations playoff), UAE (finished fourth in its group), Uzbekistan (finished fourth in its group), Iraq (finished fifth in its group) and China (finished fifth in its group).


Some of these teams could have reached the later stages of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, but they will watch the tournament from their homes. Unfortunately for the neutral fans teams such as Italy, the Netherlands, Ghana, Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, the USA, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador and China will be not among the participating teams.


Which team would you miss the most at the 2018 FIFA World Cup?