Uruguay’s current generation of players is one of the best in the history of this small country that just loves football. This cannot be any different, since Uruguay has a glorious history at the World Cups, since its start. Starting from the first World Cup in 1930 where the team was the host and when the Uruguayans won the title, this nation had always participated on a good level. Uruguay has registered two titles and three Fourth Places in 12th  participations at the biggest tournament in the world. This will be the 13th time in which Uruguayan fans can see their team at the World Cup. We will soon see if this 13th participation is going to be fatal for Uruguay. The draw was surely not fatal since Uruguay will play against Russia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.


In the last decade, Uruguay had been successfully led by their head coach and living head coach legend – Oscar Tabarez. Tabarez had coached Uruguay between 1988 and 1990 and currently had been the manager of the team since 2006. In between these two periods, he also coached Boca Juniors in Argentina and the Italian club teams of Cagliari and Milan. Tabarez was a defender as a player, but as a coach, he loves attacking. His teams had also created plenty of goal scoring opportunities and for this reason, we are expecting interesting games from the South Americans at the World Cup.

During the qualifications, the Uruguayans had some problems but this is normal since all of the teams in South America are on a good level. There is no doubt that Uruguay can compete even with the best and for this reason, we must keep our eye on Los Charruas. Recently the team won a friendly tournament held in China, where the team had no problems against strong European teams like the Czech Republic and Wales with Garreth Bale. The situation cannot be any different when you have top-level players in each line of your squad.

    Without a doubt, the key player at the goal line is going to be Fernando Muslera from the Turkish grand Galatasaray. Muslera has plenty of experience and skills and for this reason, Oscar Tabarez heavily relies on him as a starter in the last couple of years. On defense, Uruguay has some great players, but the key player in here is the captain of the team – Diego Godin. The defender of Atletico Madrid is 32 years old and he had experience in all kind of tournaments around the world. He will be the player that will try to stop the attacks of Uruguay’s opponents.

 It might be surprising for many of you, but we believe that the key player in the midfield line of Uruguay is one of the youngest players in the whole squad. The attacking midfielder of the Brazilian Cruzeiro, Giorgian De Arrascaeta is one of the players that have the trust of Tabarez. He has a great competition in the midfield line, but he should be able to receive a starting position in the squad. He is going to be the player that will try to create chances for the great forwards of Uruguay.

    On offense, Uruguay has two great superstars in the names of Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez. Still, Suarez is the key player in this line. He is more important for Uruguay than Cavani because he does not only scores goals but he also pumps up his teammates. If he is in a good form at the World Cup, the opponents of Uruguay will have problems.


The strength of Uruguay is the fact that if the team creates goal scoring opportunities than they will score. Players like Suarez and Cavani will not miss a lot of chance before they score. The problem for the South Americans comes not on defense, but in the midfield line. In this line, Uruguay lacks class and plenty of experience. The performance of the midfielders might be a problem for the team since the Uruguayans will surely try to stay in Russia for as much as possible.


DateTeam 1Team 2VenueLocal Time
15-JunEGYPTURUGUAYEkaterinburg Arena17:00 
20-JunURUGUAYSAUDI ARABIARostov Arena18:00
25-JunURUGUAYRUSSIASamara Arena18:00 

 Uruguay will start their World Cup campaign on June 15th against Mo Salah and Egypt. Both teams have problems in the midfield and whoever wins the battle for the center of the field will win this game. After that on June 20th, Uruguay will face the outsiders from Saudi Arabia. Anything different than win against the Arabs will be a major upset for Suarez and the other Uruguayans. The group stage battles for the team will finish on June 25th when they will face the hosts from Russia. No one in the team wants to have a qualification deciding game against the hosting nation and for this reason, the team will try to clinch a top spot before this last group game. After the group stage, the potential opponents of Uruguay at the Round of 16’s game will be someone from Portugal or Spain. Both teams cannot be counted as completely better than Uruguay and for this reason, anything could happen and Uruguay might stay in Russia even for the month of July…