Name Rostov Arena
Opened 2017
Location Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Operated By FC Rostov
Capacity 45,000
Field Size 105m X 68m
Surface Grass
Major Events And Year
FIFA World Cup 2018

Rostov Arena is the Stadium which was planned to build in Rostov-on-Don when Russia was awarded the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The famous architect Populous Designed the Stadium in 2012 and its work started off in 2013. The work of the stadium was completed in the end of 2017.  The stadium has an initial capacity of 45,000 seats for the FIFA World Cup which will be reduced to 42,000 after the world cup.


FIFA 2018

The Rostov Arena’s kickoff event will be the 2018 FIFA world cup. Four group matches and one Round of 16  will be held at the stadium.

Match Schedule

Date Time Team No.1 Team No.2 Round/Group
17-Jun-18 21:00 Brazil Switzerland Group E
20-Jun-18 18:00 Uruguay Saudi Arabia Group A
23-Jun-18 18:00 South Korea Mexico Group F
26-Jun-18 21:00 Iceland Croatia Group D
2-Jul-18 21:00 Winner Group G Runner-up Group H Round of 16

How to Reach Rostov Arena

How to Reach By Air

SL.No. Nearest Airport Type of Flight Code Distance from Stadium in Km Distance from Stadium in Miles
1 Platov Domestic & International (ROV / URRP) 50 31

The nearest International Airport is the Platov International Airport which is at a distance of 49 Km from the stadium


Nearest Metro/Railway Stations

SL NO. Metro/Railway Station
1 Zarechnaya
2 Rostov-Glavny

From southern areas, the nearest railway station is Zarechnaya, which is at a distance of two bus stops.

From northern areas, the nearest railway station is Rostov-on-Don Railway terminal, which is at a distance of half an hour from the stadium.


How to Reach By Bus

SL No. Bus Stations Routes Available
1 Glavny (Central) Long Distance & Suburbs
2 Prigorodny (Suburban) Long Distance & Suburbs

Nearest Hotels