The national football team of Sweden won in its first games of the 2018 FIFA World Cup against the squad of South Korea (1:0). The second game of Group F of the tournaments was decided by a single goal scored by Andreas Granqvist in the 65th minute of the game. The goal of Granqvist was scored after a successful penalty that was the result of the Swedish domination almost throughout the whole game.

    In general, both teams were really cautioned on defense and decided to rely mainly on the battle in the middle of the field. During the first half the best player in the squad of the Asians was their goalie Cho Hyun-woo who saved a lot of goal chances. By the end of the first period the Swedish domination continued but the score was still even. The second half started a bit different and South Korea tried to create something on offense.

Sweden vs South Korea June 18th world cup match

Credits – Instagram

While being busy trying to do something in offense the Koreans became more vulnerable on defense and in the 63rd minute a penalty kick was awarded for the Scandinavians. As we already noted Andreas Granqvist turned the penalty into a goal and from that point forward the Asians were just not able to score a goal that could have gave them the draw. With the win, Sweden sent a strong statement to the world that the Europeans have chances for a top-two finish in this group in which we also have the teams of Mexico and Germany. In the next game of Sweden, the Scandinavians will face the team of Germany that is searching for its first points at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.