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The sixth day of the 2018 FIFA World Cup was one the lowest scoring once since the start of the tournament in Russia. We saw three hard wins with 1-0. First Portugal won its game against Morocco even though that the Africans were the much better team. After that Saudi Arabia bounced back from the horrible start of the World Cup tournament and lost only with one goal against Uruguay. The game ended with a spectacular defensive performance of Iran against Spain. The game was luckily won by the Spaniards that just did not deserve the win especially because of its performance at the end of the game against the Asians. This surely was the hardest day to give a player of the day award since not too many players performed on a top level in the sixth day of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Two out of the three goals for the day were scored with a drop of luck (Suarez’s goal against Saudi Arabia and Diego Costa’s goal against Iran). Only one of the goals of the day was scored with class and talent and this was the winning goal of Portugal against the national football team of Morocco.

Cristiano Ronaldo Man of the Match Player of the day Rolltheball

     As you probably expect this goal for Portugal was scored by the star of the world’s football Cristiano Ronaldo who scored his fourth goal for the tournament. He was the only player in the Portuguese squad that played on a good level and if it was not for his goal, Portugal would have probably lost the game against the Moroccans. In this way counting all of the circumstances we from ‘’Roll The Ball’’ are naming Cristiano Ronaldo as the Player Of The Sixth Day of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This makes him the first players with more than one award for the best player of the day according to our website.