The third day of the 2018 FIFA World Cup offered four games to the fans. In the first game between France and Australia, there was not even a single player that could have captured our attention for the daily award. The same was the case in the games of Peru versus Denmark and Croatia versus Nigeria. In the same time, the situation in the game between Argentina and Iceland was much different. While many people might be expecting that when Argentina is playing, no other player than Leo Messi could win the award for the player of the game, the outcome was different. Another player stole the show and this player might be unknown for lost of fans.


Hannes Halldorsson saving the goal of Lionel Messi
                                                                                                                                                                       Credits – FIFA

     The name of this player is Hannes Halldorsson who is the goalie of the national football team of Iceland. The 34-year-old goalkeeper of the Europeans who is currently playing in the Danish club team Randers stopped more than a dozen shots towards his goal. While this might not be spectacular for some fans, what would you say about saving a penalty shot by Leo Messi? Halldorsson did it and basically, with the saved penalty of Messi, he gave the historical first point of his nation at the World Cups. Still, if you had been following the team of Iceland you should know that the performance of Halldorsson is not something new. Hannes had a great Euro tournaments two years ago and his performance against Argentina should not surprise many people. With his performance in the game against the South Americans, Hannes Halldorsson won the daily award of ‘’Roll The Ball’’ for the Player Of Third Day of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.