The last game for the day was probably the most interesting one among all three. In the game between Iran and Spain, we saw tons of tactical movement and compact defense from Iran combined of a couple of hundred passes from Spain that somehow won the three points in this tough game (0-1). The first half of the game was one of the most boring halves of the tournament. In it, we saw plenty of passes from Spain and one amazing Iranian squad that was defending almost perfect.

    The second half was pretty much similar and if it was not for the lucky goal which Diego Costa (54’) scored Spain most likely would not have won this game.

In addition to this, few minutes after the goal of Spain we saw a goal for Iran that was not counted because of an offside. By the end of the game, Spain did not create anything but was holding the ball successfully. Iran on the other side was highly motivated to score a goal and after a couple of crosses, they almost achieved that. Unfortunately for the fans of Iran, the team lost the game against Spain and now the only option in front of the team is to search for three points from their last game in the group against Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo. Spain on the other side earned a vital three points that will most likely qualify them for the next stage of the tournament.