Plan to attend the 2018 world cup in Russia? Here’s how much you will have to spend

Football fans around the globe dream of attending the World Cup. For most, however, the financial expense of going to the tournament makes it impossible to attend. Even fans who live in Russia may find it financially difficult to attend the games. There are around 159,402 tickets available to fans for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Played from June 14th to July 15th, fans will be able to see the best players in the world compete for the Jules Rimet Trophy. If you are planning to attend the games or interested in still going, it may be useful to know just how much money you will have to spend.



Tickets to FIFA 2018 World Cup matches don’t come cheap. Official tickets sold by FIFA will set you back at least $105. Those tickets are just for the cheapest seats for group stage matches, however. Depending on the match or matches you want to attend, the prices will go up. There are websites and companies who acquire World Cup tickets and resell them. These companies will charge more than face value and typically fans who have to be at the match purchase them.

According to the BBC, most expensive World Cup Final tickets are priced at $1,152. Four years ago, in Brazil the same tickets to the final were more $200 cheaper. The good news is tickets to the third-fourth place playoff game are only $382.



Russia has created a way around fans needing visas to attend the 2018 World Cup. Fans who buy tickets to the matches will be issued a FAN ID. The FAN ID allows visitors to enter the country and it basically acts like a visa during the tournament. Fans must buy their match tickets first before applying for a FAN ID. There is a chance, depending on which country you travel from or are a passport holder of, you will need to buy tickets and apply for a FAN ID before traveling. If you lose your FAN ID while in Russia, the country has set up offices in each of the 11 host cities where you can obtain a new one.


Travel and accommodation

Russia is a big country and any football fan that expects to see multiple games in various cities will be logging kilometers traveling. The good news is Russia will allow fans to have free train travel. Fans who have valid match tickets or documents to attend the match and a FAN ID will be able to travel across the country for free. Russia has announced it will have extra trains running during the tournament to make travel easier for those attending the tournament. Fans should remember that the free travel is only good for going between host cities.

The accommodation in Russia will be expensive. Cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow are already pricey and the World Cup will make them more so. According to one travel website, a 2-star hotel in St. Petersburg is around $80 per night. Depending on which teams are playing in the various cities, hotels and other accommodation may increase their prices dramatically. The Independent reported a more than 18,000% increase on accommodation for fans in Kaliningrad around the time of England versus Belgium.

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