Image credits – Macky Sall

Senegal President, Macky Sall has personally handed over the nation’s flag to the Senegal World Cup squad, ahead of their departure for France; where they will set up their conditioning camp for the summer tournament.

The Terenga Lions were invited in a ceremony hosted by the president in his palace to render his personal best wishes for the team and remind the squad of their nation’s unconditional support.

“Dear Lions, I am pleased to give you, with confidence, the national flag, the symbol of our sovereignty, the emblem of the glorious history of our Republic,” Sall tweeted later on.

“Under the living colors of this flag, you will take part in this competition to represent with brilliance, honor and fighting spirit of our country which has always been able to respect its rendezvous with history.

“This qualification is the result of your work, a stubborn, methodical and persevering work that is the expression of the dynamism and vitality of our youth.

“The Senegalese people gathered in a warm communion and fervent prayers are entitled to expect a beautiful and honorable participation of their national team.

“Take every game like a final, give yourself without counting, triumph over the shackles, push the limits of the possible, be hungry for victories, glory and merit by going to the end of your dream.”