The final game for the day faced the European teams of Serbia and Switzerland. The game was expected by many people, mainly due to the fact that World Cup games between nations from the same continent are always interesting. This game was not exclusion and after a late drama, Switzerland stole the three points from Serbia (1-2 for the Swiss players). Regardless of the final score, the first half and especially the first few minutes of the game were completely for the Serbians. Serbia started the game really motivated and in the 5th minute, the goal scorer of the team Aleksandar Mitrovic scored a perfect header that gave the lead to the Eastern Europeans. The rest of the half was even with a slight dominance for Serbia.

    When everyone was expecting that Serbia will score the second goal, the Swiss national football team started the second half much better and in the 52nd minute after a deadly volley shot from distance, Granit Xhaka surprised the Serbians and evened the score (1-1).

In the next few minutes, Xherdan Shaqiri was almost unstoppable for Switzerland but his performance paid off in the last minute of the game. In the last minutes, Serbia tried to send more people on offense which created spaces for the quick Shaqiri.

In the 90th minute, he escaped from the Serbians defense and score a last-minute goal that gave the win to his nation. With the win, Switzerland has 4 points and an easy last game against the already eliminated Costa Rica. In the same time, Serbia that was seeing itself with 6 points during the halftime of the today’s game is with 3 and with a game against Brazil in the last matchup day of a group stage which will probably mean that the Easter Europeans are close to elimination from the biggest tournament in the world.