For a second straight game, the national football team of France did not show great things but won the three points. Today France won against Peru with 1-0 but we can clearly say that the team that wanted the win more was the squad of Peru. The game started with dominance for Peru until Kylian Mbappe (34’) open the score and increase the confidence in the French squad. After this goal, France had few chances to score another goal, but the luck was on the side of the South Americans and the period ended with the score 1-0 for France.

    The second half was similar and if Peru was a bit more concentrated they could have stolen some points from the French side. With this result, Peru was eliminated from the 2018 FIFA World Cup after playing two really good games in which the team unfortunately lost. On the other side, France is looking forward to the eliminations stage in which the team must be much better if it wants to win the title. The economic style of football which France presented against Australia and today against Peru surely will not be enough for the team if they want to achieve something historical.