The second game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup for Portugal was much different than the first one. While in the first game Portugal won the sympathy of the neutral fans with the up-tempo football style that the country presented against Spain, today Portugal basically created only one real goal chance. Once again Cristiano Ronaldo won the game for Portugal (1-0) only because of his amazing skills. While the result shows that Portugal probably easily won the game, the reality was that Morocco was the much better and much more active team in this game.

      The game started with an early goal from Ronaldo (4’), which was his 4th for the tournament.

From that point on Morocco was dominating the game. Only the absence of class and a good forward did not give at least the point for the North African team. Morocco was giving its best and especially in the second half, Portugal had a hard time controlling the ball for more than a minute. Despite all that the Europeans won the game and are currently with 4 points from two games in Group B. In the same time, Morocco which played really well in both of its games is still with 0 points after two losses with 0-1, leading to an elimination of the North Africans from the 2018 FIFA World Cup.