Adidas are the official kit manufacturers for Egypt in this World Cup and they have brought some subtle changes to make it stand apart from the shirts we have seen the team put on in the past.

The home kit has a dominant red shade adorned with a profound check design. The use of black has been scaled down to a minimum and now it only graces the neck and arm lining of the kit. Adidas’s

The away kit is mainly white in color but features a delicate graphic print on the sleeves, front and back.



Russia would be playing the World Cup at their own soil wearing predominantly red home kit which has been designed inspired from the kit worn by USSR in the UEFA Euro 1988.

Adidas have designed the Russia home jersey with a blend of red and white. The red background is complemented with a white V collar, white shoulder stripes and finally with oblique white blocks partially covering the arms up to the torso.

The white away kit is a tribute to the nation’s rich architectural heritage, having a vibrant splash of colors in the front.



Nike have produced the kits for Saudi Arabia in the World Cup. The new home shirt brings back the traditional green and white design replacing black for green. The away kit is entirely green but the numbers are in white. Both shirts are minimalistic in design and has been inspired by the country’s national flag.



Uruguay debuted their new home kit for the World Cup in the China Cup earlier this month. The Puma manufactured shirt is in the famous light blue color with a posh v-neck design and a subtle touch of black. The kit also exquisitely incorporates Sol de Mayo, the national emblem of Uruguay.

The away kit is plain white with sky blue front and back ribbings. A fashionable recreation of the Uruguay national flag can be noticed on the upper, outer back.



Adidas gave us a first look at Iran’s World Cup home kit during the nation’s World Cup qualifier tie with Syria back in September. The latest jersey returns to an austere front body design by ditching the printed Asiatic cheetah that had highlighted the previous kit. The collar piping is red and the sides feature Adidas’s trademark stripes.


As of yet, no details of the Morocco World Cup kit has been released by Adidas. Reportedly, the Royal Morocco Football Federation and the German sportswear giant have agreed to delay the release of the Moroccan World Cup kit in fear of mass counterfeit duplication, much to the infuriation of Moroccan fans.


Nike continue their seasoned relationship with the Portugal national team by introducing the new Portugal World Cup kit. A slight dash of gold commemorates Portugal’s Euro Cup triumph in 2016 but the home kit remains predominantly deep red, staying in line with Portugal home kits over the years. The away kit features a series of tiny green crosses on a white background creating a spectacular graphic overall.


The new Spain home kit is a retro Adidas design that has been inspired by the nation’s 1994 World Cup kit. The kit’s primary color is Spain’s traditional red but there is an array of colorful designs at the right side of the jersey, that makes this kit an eye catching affair. The Adidas crest has been shifted to the centre of the jersey to preserve the aesthetic continuity of the right side patterns. The away shirt has a light blue appearance with a spray of red on the shoulder stripes.



The Socceroos left it late to claim one of the final remaining berths in the World Cup and they would be one of the last teams to release their World Cup kit. Nike hint the kit would be made available in April with the home kit expected to feature the accustomed yellow and green shades of Australia home kits.


Unlike most other World Cup nations, Denmark wouldn’t be donning a kit either made by Adidas, Nike or Puma. The Danes have renewed their relationship with native sports brand Hummels in 2016, who are yet to reveal the details of the Denmark kit. The kit is expected to hit the stores in May and also likely to retain the classic red and white combo.


Nike have brought some noticeable changes in the newly released France home kit implementing two contrasting shades of blue- a darker tone in the torso and an aquatic blue hue in the neck and shoulders. The away kit is mainly white with a subtle presence of tiny blue and red designs.


Peru are also one of those teams who are not wearing an Adidas, Puma or Nike kit this summer. Ecuadorian sportswear manufacturers Marathon would be supplying the kits for Peru in the World Cup and a release date for the kits is still unannounced. The new jersey would mark Peru’s return to football’s most prestigious competition after 36 years, even though the details are unavailable now, a red sash in a predominantly white kit is the most anticipated kit idea for the Peruvians.



Manufacturers: Adidas

Adidas have drawn inspiration from some of their most successful kits from the past for their 2018 World Cup kits and the Argentina home kit has been no different. La Albicelestes will put on a slightly different version of the classic white and sky blue which is a throwback to their 1993 Copa America campaign. The away kit is all new though, and for the first time it has been designed in black.  


Manufacturers: Nike

Croatia would be back in the World Cup with their iconic checkered red and white jersey. However, the home kit won’t be an exact copy f the ones we have seen lately, because the size of the squares is a bit larger than the others. The away kit is also a checkered one, coming in a change of navy blue and black.


Manufacturers: Errea

Iceland would be playing their very first World Cup after having an impressive Euro 2016 campaign. Italian sports kit manufacturers Errea have introduced the Iceland World Cup kits to mark the football uprising of the nation. The home kit is blue but the shoulders have sprinkles of red and white running up to the collar. The away kit is predominantly white.


Manufacturers: Nike

Nigeria’s home kit comes with a shade of lighter green with white chevrons, a subtle reminiscent of the Super Eagle’s first ever World Cup campaign of 1994. The away kit is quite akin to some of the Nigeria home kits in recent years; dark green shirts along with dark green shorts and socks.

Group E 


Manufacturers: Nike

The Brazil home kit for World Cup 208 comes with a different shade of yellow compared to its predecessors. This kit, released in March 2018, glows in a brighter yellow reminiscent of the kit the Selecao donned during their 1970 World Cup campaign. There’s a splash of green on the collar and a slight dash of blue gracing the back.  The away kit is blue similar to the recent away shirts but this particular one features an artistic mosaic graphic of stars, conjuring up the memories of their first World Cup win in 1958, which was also the first time they wore a blue shirt.


Manufacturers: New Balance

Costa Rica’s World Cup kits will be manufactured by New Balance but are yet to be launched. The current design for their home kit is dominantly red with a diagonal white band.


Manufacturers: Puma

The Swiss debuted their World Cup home kit in the play-off encounter with Northern Ireland, which has noticeable changes from the previous edition. Red has been highlighted with greater prominence and the white shoulders have been removed. The front design pattern might seem insignificant to the naked eye but actually it has been inspired the nation’s mountain topography! The kits also carry the Swiss Football Federation emblem and the national flag. The away kit is all white.


Manufacturers: Puma

Serbia made a last minute switch to Puma from Umbro as their World Cup kit producer. The new Serbia kit is yet to be released.

Group F 


Manufacturer: Adidas

The Germany home kit for the 2018 World Cup revives the chest pattern worn by Lothar Matthaus and his teammates in the 1990 World Cup.  However, the original one featured the colors of the German flag but this one is shaded by black and grey. The away kit is also a throwback to the 1990 campaign, resembling the one Die Mannschaft put on to beat England in the semifinal.


Manufacturer: Nike

The new South Korea home kit has a silkier appearance than its predecessors. The jersey is all red but the national team crest has been notably re-imagined in black and white, which was previously blue and white. The away kit is more similar to the South Korea national flag, accentuating all national flag colors with a taegeuk design up front.


Manufacturer: Adidas

Adidas has looked back on its earlier designs to find inspiration for most of their 2018 World Cup releases and the Mexico home kit is one of them. The dark green shirt is a tribute to the kit worn by El Tri in the 1994 World Cup. The lighter shades of green on the side have been taken from the 1990 World Cup Mexico kit. The white away kit with horizontal Mexican national flag colors mirrors the country’s 1970 World Cup kit.


Manufacturer: Adidas

We got our first look at the Sweden World Cup home kit when they knocked out Italy in the play-offs to reach the World Cup finals. The home kit is simplistically yellow with minor presence of blue whereas the away kit is a reverse affair where blue and yellow shift roles.   

Group G


Manufacturers: Adidas

Belgium’s World Cup kit draws its inspiration from their 1984 Euro jersey. The home kit has a horizontal chest design centering the Royal Belgian Football Association crest on a Red backdrop. The away kit is also a retro-themed work with striped yellow shirt and black shorts.


Manufacturers: Nike

The England home and away kits for the World Cup 2018 is white and red, respectively. Each of these shirts has a delicate St.George cross ingrained on the chest.


Manufacturers: New Balance

Panama’s World Cup home kit will be an all red one, excluding the blue shoulders that appeared in previous versions. The white away kit, however, kept the blue shoulders and also used blue on the chest pattern.


Manufacturers: Uhlsport

Tunisia’s World Cup kits will be manufactured by German sportswear company Uhlsport, who haven’t introduced any new kit for the World Cup as of now.  Tunisian home kits have been traditionally white and the away kits have been mostly red.

Group H 


Manufacturers: Adidas

Adidas chose Colombia’s 1990 World Cup kit as an inspiration piece while designing the nation’s current World Cup jersey. The home kit is mainly yellow with two set of lines; three of them are diagonally placed on either side of the front torso. On either side two yellow lines sandwich a blue one. The shoulders accommodate the other set of lines which are basically navy blue stripes. The away kit comes with a blue and red combo and features the traditional inscription reading “Unidos Por Un Pais” (“United for a country”) just under the collar at the back.


Manufacturers: Adidas

Japan’s World Cup kits have been a glaring exception of Adidas’ current trend of bringing back retro designs. The new dark blue Japan home kit features an original design that mimics the traditional apparel of the samurais. The away kit dazzles in grey and white. Both jerseys feature a special Japan Football Federation crest that celebrates the 20 year anniversary of Japan’s first World Cup campaign.


Manufacturers: Nike

Nike made several changes to the kit Robert Lewandowski and the boys wore in Euro 2016 and introduced a diagonal shade of grey and white to Poland’s 2016 World Cup kit. The away kit also features a diagonal design but it has two different shades of red.


Manufacturers: Puma

Senegal have recently parted ways with Romai sports and struck a deal with Puma to manufacture their World Cup kits. The home kit is yet to be released but the Senegal away kit has been revealed by Puma, which incorporates a subtle lion graphic and is predominantly white with green shoulder trims.

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